Arve Heistad

Arve Heistad. Foto: Knut Werner L. Alsén

Arve Heistad. Foto: Knut Werner L. Alsén

Associated Professor in Water and Environmental Engineering
Initiator and head of the research group


BSc in Civil Engineering
MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering
PhD in Water and Environmental Engineering
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Area of research: 
* Water and wastewater treatment
* Source separation systems and water reuse
* Hygienic aspects, emphasis on the fate and transport of viruses
* Planning and construction and operation of water and wastewater systems in both private and public sector
* Technology development and innovation projects in Norway and abroad
* Inventor of pre-treatment unit for wastewater soil infiltration systems
* Inventor of development of treatment systems for greywater (Ecomotive)
* Member of the research board at the department.

Teaching (only keywords):
* Water, sanitation and health
* Environmental engineering
* Water Supply and Sewerage
* Onsite wastewater treatment
* Technology development

Selected publications:

Heistad, A., R. Seidu , A. Flø , A. M. Paruch , J. F. Hanssen and T. A. Stenström. 2009. Longterm hygienic barrier efficiency of a compact on-site wastewater treatment system. Journal of Environmental Quality. doi: 10.2134/jeq2008.0407; Published online 28 Sept. 2009

Heistad, A., S. Molin, R. Seidu, J.F. Hanssen and T. A. Stenström. 2009. Deposition parameter estimation by column filtration with Salmonella typhimurium phage 28 B as a viral indicator. Submitted to: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology

Heistad, A., T. Scott, A. M. Skaarer, R. Seidu, J. F. Hanssen and T. A. Stenström. 2008. Virus removal by unsaturated wastewater filtration: effects of biofilm accumulation and hydrophobicity. Water Science & Technology—WST Vol 60 No 2 pp 399–407 © IWA Publishing 2009 doi:10.2166/wst.2009.343

Molin, S., A. Heistad, T.A. Stenström, V. Cvetkovic. 2008. Impact of two on-site sanitation solutions on human health risks associated with the aquifer pathway and exposure to pathogens from shallow water supply wells. Poster presentation at: “Coupling Sustainable Sanitation and Groundwater Protection”, Symposium to the International Year of Sanitation
(IYS) 2008, October 14 – 17, 2008, Hannover, Germany

Seidu, R., Heistad, A., Jenssen, P. D., Stenstöm, T.-A., Amoah, P., and Drechsel, P. (2008). “Quantification of the health risk associated with wastewater reuse in Accra, Ghana: a contribution toward local guidelines.” Journal of Water and Health, 6(4), 461–471.

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Adam, K., Søvik, A. K., Krogstad, T. and Heistad, A. (2007). “Phosphorus removal by the filter materials light-weight aggregates and shellsand – A review of processes and experimental set-ups for improved design of filter systems for wastewater treatment.” Vatten, 63, 245-257

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Razak Seidu, Pay Drechsel, Philip Amoah, Owe Lofman, Arve Heistad, Madeleine Fodge, Petter D. Jenssen and Thor-Axel Stenstrom (2008) Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Wastewater and Faecal Sludge Reuse in Ghana. WEDC International Conference, Accra, Ghana, 7-11 April 2008.

Razak Seidu, Arve Heistad, Philip Amoah, Pay Drechsel, Petter D. Jenssen and Thor-Axel Stenström . (2008). Quantifying the Health Risk Associated with Wastewater Reuse in Accra, Ghana: A contribution toward local guidelines. Journal of Water and Health 6(4): 461-471.

Razak Seidu, Arve Heistad, Lindholm Oddvar, Lasse Vråle, Petter D. Jenssen and Thor-Axel Stenström. (2007). Integrating Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment into the Management of Water Supply Systems in Norway. Vann, No 4 (2007): 329 – 336