Daniel Todt

PhD candidate


Dipl. Ing. FH (BSc) in horticulture and environmental engineering
MSc in Agroecology
Executive MBA

biological wastewater treatment, nutrient recycling, ecological sanitation, aquaponic, nitrogen cycle

Research background:
* Development of a source separating wastewater treatment system for remote tourist facilities “EU FP7 project “SANBOX”
* Development of teaching modules for ecological engineering and natural sciences for primary schools (EU FP6 project “Play with Water”)
* Development of recirculating aquaculture systems with integrated hydroponic crop production (aquaponic) for nutrient reuse in Switzerland (project founded by the Swiss federal office for agriculture)
* Development of tropical greenhouse polycultures for reuse of industrial waste heat (project founded by the Swiss federal commission for technology and innovation CTI)
* Treatment and reuse of high loaded liquid effluent from a biogas plant using polyculture systems (project founded by the Swiss federal commission for technology and innovation CTI)

Project title (PhD):
Biological treatment and nutrient recycling of high loaded wastewater

Project aim:
Analyzing and modeling key parameters, processes and interactions related biological treatment to high loaded wastewater as a contribution to the development of source separating sanitation systems for industrialized countries.

Project description
The PhD research aims to increase knowledge on characteristic and options for biological treatment and nutrient recycling for high loaded wastewater. The study started with characterizing the blackwater from a vacuum sewer system to get data on key parameters regarding biological treatment and reuse of nutrients. A first research focus was taken on the assessment of a novel pretreatment system using a combination of mechanical screening and organic filter regarding removal and reuse of particulate matter and phosphorous. The second and main research work will assess biological decomposition processes related to concentrated blackwater. Aim is to gather knowledge on the interaction between decomposition of organic matter and nitrogen and develop models for different types of biofilters. The research includes also an assessment for potential greenhouse gas emissions in such wastewater treatment systems.

Petter D. Jenssen
Tore Krogstad
Lars Bakken

Selected publications

Jenssen P.D., Todt D. (2011) Source separation technologies in western Europe. Smallwat11 II international conference

Todt D., Jenssen P.D., Bulc T.G. (2010) Greenhouse wetland technology for blackwater treatment in high alpine locations. 12th IWA International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control. Venice, IWA.

Todt D, Graber A. (2004) Integrierte Fisch- und Pflanzenproduktion in Aquaponic. Deutscher Gartenbau, 6/2004
Todt D. (2003) Erobern Tropenfrüchte unsere Gewächshäuser. Der Gartenbau, 12/2003

Staudenmann J., Todt D., Junge-Berberovic R. (1999) Wastewater-fed Aquaculture in Temperate Climates: Optimizing the Recycling Rates via Primary Production 4th International Conference on Ecological Engineering for Wastewater Treatment – Managing the Wastewater Resource. Ås.