Lelum Manamperuma

LelumPhD candidate
E-mail: lelum.manamperuma@umb.no
B. Sc. In Chemical Technology and Engineering
M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, specialised in Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substance.

Interest (only keywords): Treatment technology in water and wastewater; modeling of treatment processes; control technology, monitoring and controlling processes; experimental design and execution of laboratory and full-scale

Research background
* Develop and verify an empirical model for coagulant dosing control in full-scale DWTPs (drinking water treatment plants)
* Develop fool-proof operational and maintenance procedures for the practical use of the coagulant dosing control system in DWTPs
* Develop a semi-empirical model for drinking water coagulation
* Development of signal validation, soft-sensors and self-calibration functions

Project title (PhD)
Optimizing Drinking Water Coagulation using Real-time water quality monitoring.

Project aim
Develop empirical and semi-empirical models leading to much more optimised and fully automated DWTPs, probably a transport-reaction model, and its’ verification on full scale.

Project description
The PhD research aims to develop a feasible model for drinking water coagulation, together with the challenges represent by malfunctioning and expensive instruments. Considering the developments during the last years in the instrumentation, process understanding and the control engineering, the main objective is to develop a comprehensive model which is fully automated, self-calibrated and high accuracy for efficiency and savings. A first research focus was taken on the accuracy of the on-line measurements, while instrumental errors are unavoidable due to their calibration requirements, drift due to time as well as other mechanical and electronic failures. The second step is necessary to develop a model considering the mixing conditions in practice and develop indirect estimation of complex or expensive water quality parameters. Finally a comprehensive and universal conceptual model on drinking water coagulation by operational data collected during this study.

Arve Heistad
Harsha Ratnaweera

Selected publications
Manamperuma L, Ratnaweera H, (2014) Coagulation mechanisms during the substitution of inorganic salts with cationic polymers to increase the sludge value. IWA Conference Advances in particle science and separation, Sapporo, Japan, 15-18 June 2014. (Accepted as full paper)

Manamperuma L, Ratnaweera H, Rathnaweera S, (2013) Retrofitting coagulant dosing control using real-time water quality measurements to reduce coagulant consumption, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Conference (ICA) 2013, Narbonne, France, 18-20 September 2013.