Wei Liu

Wei LiuPhD candidate

E-mail: wei.liu@nmbu.no

Dipl. Ing. FH (BSc) in Chemistry Application
MSc in Environment Protection

Modelling of coagulation process, optimization of coagulation process and soft sensor on coagulation process

Research background
* Model development of coagulant dosing control for drinking water treatment and tested it in full-scale plant
* Improving model of coagulant dosing control by adding outlet water qualities parameters, considering hydraulic conditions.
* Developing outlet software sensor for coagulation process

Project title (PhD)
Model development and process optimization in drinking water coagulation

Project aim
* To develop an improved empirical model for full-scale drinking water treatment plant applications by improving the pre-treatment for data source
* To develop operational and maintenance improvement procedures for the practical use of the coagulant dosing control
* Development of signal validation, soft-sensors and self-calibration functions

Project description
The PhD research aims to improve model of coagulant dosing control. The project starts with data collection in drinking water treatment plant. After processing data, the model can be calibrated and tested in full scale plant. According to outlet qualities of full scale control, the model can be improved to generate to more accurate dosage for further dosage control. And further improvement of model can be carried out by including outlet qualities as model input. Another task of the project is to predict outlet qualities of coagulation process by model, considering the hydraulic condition, which can be tested in flocculation, sedimentation tank by tracer tests.

Harsha Chandima Ratnaweera
Arve Heistad

Selected publications
Wei, L., Ratnaweera, H., Heping, S. 2013: Better treatment efficiencies and process economics with real-time coagulant dosing control; Proceedings of the Instrumentation, Control and Automation ICA 2013 Conference, Narbonne, France, 18-20 September 2013

Wei, L., Ratnaweera, H., Heping, S. 2014: Improving a multi-parameter based dosing control system; Proceedings of Advances in Particle Science and Separation: From mm to nm scale and beyond, IWA Specialist Conference, Sapporo, Japan, June 15-18 2014